Since launching in September 2021, 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows has brought together hundreds of college students and small business owners for a powerful experience.

What They're Saying

“During the fellowship, my grades went up. [The program allowed me to] to make a connection between school and what it means in the real world. I gained work experience. [This was my] first stepping stone into the working world [which is something that] that many college students aren’t getting.” - a New York 10KSB Fellow
"[This has} broadened my knowledge base and be able to see things from a different side and critically think about things I wouldn’t have been able to without this experience.” - a Baltimore 10KSB Fellow
“I have learned to ask questions and clarification on how things work. I’m establishing connections and a support group for my future career. I’ve learned that I am capable of delivering high quality content on a professional level.” - a Dallas 10KSB Fellow

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Enrolled at one of partner community colleges (Morgan State University, Community College of Baltimore County, John Hopkins University, LaGuardia Community College, Cuyahoga Community College or Dallas College)
  2. Any major or course of study
  3. Degree-seeking students
  4. Completed 30 credits, GPA 2.5+

Fall 2022 Timeline


Applications for Fall 2022 have now closed.

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