Report: Addressing Talent Needs in Small Business

In Fall 2021, Goldman Sachs piloted 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows as an innovative internship experience. It is supporting small businesses in reaching their business goals and investing in the professional growth of local talent. The early findings have been overwhelmingly positive and affirm the case for continued ways to connect small businesses to resources and new talent pipelines.

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Who we are

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  1. Businesses spanning across industries
  2. 6 leading academic partners
  3. 4 pilot locations

Small business

In partnership with:

  1. Community College of Baltimore County
  2. Morgan State University
  3. John Hopkins University
  4. Bloomberg Philanthropies
  5. Dallas College
  6. LaGuardia Community College
  7. Cuyahoga Community College

“Investing in the future workforce means taking action today. 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows - which brings community college students and entrepreneurs together in high-impact internships - is our investment in that future.”

Asahi Pompey, President, Goldman Sachs Foundation

Why Fellows?

Small businesses have long expressed the need for workers with the fundamental skills to fuel growth, but often find difficulties building the workforce pipelines to recruit those workers.

At the same time, many college students express a lack of accessibility to real-world experience to navigate professional careers, even as they finish their academic experiences.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Fellows is about bringing together these students and small businesses to solve educational and workforce needs.

As an extension of the existing 10,000 Small Businesses program — which provides educational and capital support to small business owners — this new focus on workforce needs ensures durable growth into the future.

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Program details

What can you expect?


  • Paid internship
  • Real-world experience
  • Skills Development
  • Networking

Small Business Owners

  • Business Value
  • Managerial Experience
  • Talent pipeline
  • No-cost support and coaching

Who is eligible?


  • Enrolled at a partner school
  • Pursuing associate's degree or continuing education
  • Completed more than 30 credits, GPA 2.5+
  • All majors and courses of study
  • Eligible to work in US (if international student)
  • Has participated in 10KSB Fellows for no more than one prior semester

Small Business Owners

10KSB alumni in one of the four pilot markets:
  • New York City New York
  • Baltimore Maryland
  • Cleveland Ohio
  • Dallas Texas

Preference will be given to business owners who have yet to participate in 10KSB Fellows

What's expected of you?


  • Commit 15-20 hours per week for 12 weeks
  • Complete all deliverables by end of the internship
  • Participate in ~6 training sessions, networking and other program in-person and virtual events throughout internship
  • Complete all program evaluation surveys
  • Participate in monthly feedback and review sessions, with college and business

Small Business Owners

  • Develop a work-based learning plan for your fellow
  • Supervise, coach and manage your fellow (~5 hours/week) or designate an employee to do so
  • Participate in ~6 training sessions, networking and other program in-person and virtual events throughout internship
  • Complete all program evaluation surveys
  • Conduct monthly feedback and review sessions with your fellow and 10KSB liaison

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